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Your account is how you control your domains, servers, and all of the services that we provide. It's also where you submit and view tickets as well as view and pay invoices.

The following steps explain how to change your account details.

1) Login to

2) In the top right corner, hover over where it says "Hello, Your First Name" and select Account Details

Screenshot 2022-12-21 at 23-19-42 Client Area - Bragghost.png

3) On the next page, you can edit your payment method, credit card details, contacts, users, account security, and change your account password. You are also able to view all invoices and email messages sent to you from Bragghost, via email history. These options are also accessible in the dropdown menu as shown in the image above.

4) If you would like to change the Name or Email Address on the account, you can do so in account details. Note: This only changes the name and email address that is registered to the account.

5) If you would like to change your name as it appears when logged in, hover over where it says "Hello, Your First Name" and select Your Profile.

6) Select save changes when done.

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